Grateful Dead Captain Trips

Source: Supposedly “Hollywood Palladium 1969” but lists no recording at that venue for that year (apparently they did play there on August 6th ’69).

Side 1: Mexicali Blues/ Deal/ Playing In The Band
Side 2: Before You Let My Muse Go/ Johnny B. Goode/ The Devil & Me/ Sugaree/ West Texas, Santa Fe/ Back In The Sunshine


Another hint that even the year might be incorrect comes from this reviewer:

“This will not be the crown jewel of your collection by any means but it is worth owning. The sound quality is decent. It’s not going to blow you away but it’s not terrible either. The content however, delivers as promised. As a matter of fact, I highly enjoyed it. Playing In The Band is amazing. Jerry is really doing something that is almost hard to put into words. And anything that captures that, I just can’t escape…

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